Why Do I Love These People?: Understanding, Surviving, and Creating Your Own Family

Why Do I Love These People?: Understanding, Surviving, and Creating Your Own Family


Paperback, Pages: 400

Genres: Nonfiction, Psychology, Relationships, Self Help

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We all have an imaginary definition of a great family. We imagine what it would be like to belong to such a family. No fights over the holidays. No getting on one another’s nerves. Respect for individual identity. Mutual support, without being intrusive. So many people believe they are disqualified from having a better family experience, primarily because they compare their own family with the mythic ideal, and their reality falls short. Is that a fair standard to judge against?”

In the pages of Why Do I Love These People?, Po Bronson takes us on an extraordinary journey.

It begins on a river in Texas, where a mother gets trapped underwater and has to bargain for her own life and that of her kids.

Then, a father and his daughter return to their tiny rice-growing village in China, hoping to rekindle their love for each other inside the walls of his childhood home.

Next, a son puts forth a riddle, asking us to understand what his first experience of God has to do with his Mexican American mother.

Every step–and every family–on this journey is real.
Calling upon his gift for powerful nonfiction narrative and philosophical insight, Bronson explores the incredibly complicated feelings that we have for our families. Each chapter introduces us to two people–a father and his son, a daughter and her mother, a wife and her husband–and we come to know them as intimately as characters in a novel, following the story of their relationship as they struggle resiliently through the kinds of hardships all families endure.

Some of the people manage to save their relationship, while others find a better life only after letting the relationship go. From their efforts, the wisdom in this book emerges. We are left feeling emotionally raw but grounded–and better prepared to love, through both hard times and good time.

In these twenty mesmerizing stories, we discover what is essential and elemental to all families and, in doing so, slowly abolish the fantasies and fictions we have about those we fight to stay connected to.

In Why Do I Love These People?, Bronson shows us that we are united by our yearnings and aspirations: Family is not our dividing line, but our common ground.
From the Hardcover edition.

  •    Mezikora Gerist
    Family and their dynamics are endlessly fascinating to me. This book was interesting but not compelling. It tells the tales, struggles and triumphs of 19 different families asking a question to the reader before each chapter. It's a great book to have on hand in case you're waiting for an appointment and have a few minutes; as you could finish a full story quickly. I think, for me, I would have gleaned more from the stories if they had gone further in depth. Each story seemed to wrap up so neatly and quickly that I found myself rushing through the facts and logistics of their experiences as opposed to looking deeper at and contemplating each story in it's entirety.
  •    Vugor Bennebaum
    I love this book. Each chapter focuses on a relationship between two family members. The author is able to get to the truth between them in a way that is meaningful and deep and seems to apply to my own life even though their circumstances don't necessarily mirror mine.

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